December 22, 2015

Haiti: My Experience with Mission of Hope

I hope that you've had a chance to read about my life transformation in Haiti already. I talked about Mary and Amos and how they contributed to my transformation. Today I want to share about Mission of Hope (MOH), the organization that my team stayed with and worked through while in Haiti.

Mission of Hope's vision statement is: As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti.

Throughout my time in Haiti I was in awe of the magnitude that MOH has come to be. Everything they do is intentional and purposeful and all links back to their overall vision. I struggle in the states with our broken system of welfare. Even before my trip to Haiti I've wondered often, "How can I help people to the point of making a difference, not just contributing to temporary bandages?"

MOH opened my eyes to holistic transformation and the goal of sustainability which is proving to be, well-- life changing in Haiti. Through much hard work the organization serves through many different ministries to reach the Haitian people in 9 different villages around Haiti. 

On my team's first work day in Kenscoff one of our translators, Wildes, said, "I wish all Americans could come to Haiti. It would be a more beautiful place." Our MOH team leader Emma replied, "I bet you America would be too." This exchange has stuck with me and I couldn't agree more! MOH's vision has challenged me to take what I've experienced and not only continue to be involved in Haiti but apply it to life in the United States.

I encourage you to click the graphic above to visit MOH's website and read more about their ministry and involvement in Haiti.

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