September 16, 2015

Taking a Time Out

It's no question that life can become a little overwhelming from time to time. When that happens it becomes very easy to let ourselves wallow in pity and drown in discouragement. I try very hard to see the positive in any situation although, it's through more of a realistic lens rather than optimistic.

It is incredibly hard to turn my thoughts away from work even after packing up heading home for the day. I am constantly planning, creating, worrying, and working at home for my class and when the stress of it all catches up to me, I quit. Temporarily anyway. I took to giving myself a time out after a hard work day and completely turned my mind away from the mainspring of my stress.

To detox my mind I like to be in public yet alone and enjoying something that is pure pleasure and has nothing to do with work. I don't like to sit at home so I took to my favorite cozy coffee house and dug my nose into a book for entertainment.

While on my way to the coffee shop I noticed that I had passed the entrance to Woodland Cemetery which I haven been wanting to visit for awhile now. I took passing it as a sign and after sipping down my latte and making headway in my new book, I stopped by for a walk through.

The grounds were peaceful and perfect for clearing my head. I embraced another personal stress reliever and happily snapped some photos.

I made it to my long awaited destination, Lookout Point, which is the highest elevation overlooking the city.

Trying my best not to be locked behind cemetery gates, I booked it back down and stumbled across the burial sites of the two most famous Daytonians.

I didn't actually visit their graves because I was in a hurry and couldn't locate them in a quick scan of the section. But, that's okay because it's just another reason to go back again!

I feel happily refreshed and plan to continue my evening now with netflix and no school work. Remember to quit every once in awhile. Don't think of it as treating yourself as much as it is simply a necessity for your mind and body.

So tell me, what are your tips for soothing stress and taking a time out?

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