August 23, 2015

County Fair Time

I'm back into the swing of things at school! This is year 5 of teaching for me and the first time I've felt confidant about starting a new year. I have 20 munchkins--13 of which are boys so...say a prayer.

Though I feel like every post in the last year has said "I know i don't post much, but I'm going to get better..." this time I really mean it. I feel motivated again to take more photos and write. This blog is such a creative outlet for me and allows for me time during my busy teaching schedule.

Today I spent only about 3 hours at work preparing for the week which is huge for me. Any year before now and it would have easily been 8.

5th year is a charm, huh?

I'm not an expert by any means and still have plenty of late nights in my future, but I'm glad to feel like I've got the hang of things a bit.


Over the weekend Corey and I went out with some friends to the Darke County fair. Our number one thing to do at fairs and festivals is eat. The boy went with ribs and I had pulled pork followed by our favorite homemade ice cream. It was such a good time!

I'm ready for ya, Monday!

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