June 5, 2015

Summer Vacation

Well May came and went pretty quickly...nonexistent here on the blog. School is over for the summer and I'm taking part in some much needed relaxation. I'll be honest and let you know that relaxation has been just plain lazy. But hey, that's what summer is for!

I have managed to peel myself away from Netflix long enough to do a few fun things so far. My mom and I drove to Michigan to visit with my cousin and her family for a few days. It involved doughnuts, serious laughter, wine tasting, and many snaps of this cutie patootie.

The best part of summer is just being able to make plans to have no plans with friends. After a couple of unusually chilly days my friend, her daughter, and I flounced about in the sunshine dipping our toes in icy fountain water.

It's garage sale season which brings out the giddy bargain hunter in me. We popped by a few sales and then headed by the market to grab lunch (My favorite summer spot!)

Now I'm off to continue my summer daze by indulging in National Doughnut Day! Where is your favorite doughnut shop?

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