February 15, 2015

Oh Hey, I Moved!

Oh hey there!

Whether you find Valentine's Day to be cheesy or not I hope that you've been spending the weekend with someone you love!

We don't make a huge deal about it, but my Valentine always makes me feel special. On Friday he surprised me by hand delivering flowers to me at school. My kids were all oooh and ahhhh and I was grinning from ear to ear.

Friday night he took me out to an Italian restaurant that I've been dying to try in the Oregon District, Roost Modern Italian. This place gets rave reviews just about everywhere you look.

We started with some truffle fries which were good but we both agreed we fancy some kind of dip when eating fries.

For the mains he ordered the swordfish and I ordered the asiago crusted chicken on a bed of spaghetti with pesto.

Both meals were good and we cleaned our plates, but then the meal had to face "the mom test". I compare food in restaurants to my mom's cooking. I don't say it lightly when I say she's the best cook I know.

The food at Roost was good but it just doesn't pass the mom test. I know that my mom could've easily made that meal for way less money and it taste just as good or even better. Fine dining should match the price tag at the end of the meal. C'est la Vie! I'm glad we got to try it and though it wasn't our favorite, we had a nice evening together topped off with some Cold Stone ice cream.

Now you're probably wondering about that title...

Yep. I moved! When I've lived away from home in the past I've always had a roommate so this is a new adventure for me. Living on my own is something I've wanted for awhile now and the time has come.

The apartment is still a work in progress and I have piles everywhere so I'll show you the only thing I've managed to make look nice so far. I love the built in shelving!

This is my current situation since I have no living room furniture at the moment...but I'll get there!

I'm much closer to work now which I love and I am so excited about this next chapter in my life.

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