January 12, 2015

Weekend Update

Christmas and New Year have come and gone. Last week was my first week back to work after the holidays but we ended up having 2 snow/cold days off which was a welcomed surprise.

This week I hope to get a bit more back into everyday life routine but first, the weekend...

Friday night I took advantage of the YMCA's 'no joiner's fee in January' promotion and rejoined as a member. I used to worked there for years and was previously on a family plan with my parents, but when they dropped that I never rejoined. Being part of gym community is a huge motivation factor for me to workout so obviously that has been lacking in my life. I'm happy to be back and in my new kicks!

Kudos to those of you who are motivated enough to get a full workout in at home!

Saturday was a sushi lunch date, another workout, and a cozy night in watching the Denzel movie, The Equalizer.

Sunday I made my weekly trip to Target and as always the dollar spot is killing it with the holiday decor. Valentine's decorations are out so I snagged some goodies for school and this cute candle for my bedroom.

Sunday night Corey's mom made a delicious dinner and we sat around catching up with everyone. The silly dogs provided plenty of entertainment as well!

Okay, back to the work week--but not without a sneaky little 2 hour delay! 

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