January 19, 2015

MLK and Columbus Festivities

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! Of course I love having the day off from work today, but it's important to remember what for. The past week at school my kiddos have loved learning about the influential Dr. King and I have loved teaching about him.

Kids are humbling and the way their little minds think and process is nothing short of amazing. They were moved (yes, at 7 years old!) by the words of Dr. King as we read the book, Martin's Big Words, and then wrote about their incredible dreams they had for the world.


Are those not the cutest?! Kids are so great.

Friday night I finally saw the highly anticipated movie, American Sniper. It is a MUST see! Seriously, go now! Chris Kyle is a true American hero and Bradley Cooper does a phenomenal job portraying his character in the film.

On Saturday I got to visit with my best friend Natalie. We hadn't celebrated my birthday together and hers is coming up so we went out to catch up while enjoying some of Columbus' hot spots.

It was restaurant week so getting a reservation proved to be a bit difficult but we managed to snag a table at Sidebar. They're known for their cocktails so we jumped right in. 

We went with the special restaurant week menu and both chose the chickpea and spicy chorizo soup to start.

For the main meal I had lobster ravioli and Natalie had the lamb. The waiter brought us a complimentary champagne toast since we were celebrating our birthdays!


...not quite at its finest! ;)

Completely stuffed and still trying to sip cocktails, dessert was looking to be impossible, but we managed to at least have a sample.

The rest of the evening was spent chatting the night away over great drinks at Pint House and the killer margs at Bakersfield.

Sunday morning we got up early and I got to experience my first Barre3 class and it was tough! The shakes and quakes are real people. I loved the strength training workout and only wish there was a studio closer to me in Dayton. 

We have a Pure Barre studio in town that I'm interested in giving a try now to compare it to my Barre3 class.

I'm now off to take advantage of my day off. Have a fabulous Monday!

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