December 5, 2014

Flashback Friday: Christmas Past

It's better than Throwback Thursday, and you know it.

Today I'm flashing back to some Christmas photos from way, way back!

This is one of my favorites, taken at a mall. And yes, my younger sister's hair did not grow until she was about 4 or 5. Don't worry she has a gorgeous head full of it now.

My sister and I as angels in the Christmas program at church in 1992. I'm pretty sure my mom made those costumes.

This gem is from the same year as the previous photo, 1992. We were so excited to get this playhouse. Anybody else have this classic childhood toy? I believe it had a pink door. This is also the Christmas that while performing my eldest sister duties of keeping Zach from climbing through the new playhouse window, he bit me on the forehead. Yep.

 Look at those moppy ringlets!

This was Christmas 1994 when I got my first American Girl doll. I had Molly and I loved her so much. Come to think of it I still do. I also remember loving those pink & white barbie skates.

This is Christmas at my grandparents house in Chicago. Monica and I were wearing pajamas that matched our American Girl dolls. And apparently none of us like teeth.

Speaking of American Girl, if you are a girl who remembers the Fab 5 days of American Girl (Kirsten, Samantha, Molly, Felicity, and Addy) then you need to read this article for a laugh.

How could you not aweeeeeeeee over this picture?! My mom sewed those dresses and of course an outfit to match for Zach.

I haven't looked at these old photos in awhile, we were so cute!

What's your best Christmas past memory?


  1. I bought that exact playhouse for Avonlea from Craigslist this summer! She has loved playing in it. I plan on taking it apart and spray-painting it. Thank you, Pinterest!

  2. Amanda @ A Latte LearnDecember 7, 2014 at 5:41 PM

    All of my creative energy is inspired by PInterest these days! Painting the playhouse is such a great idea!

  3. Your photographs are beautiful and show that how many precious moments of your life that you want to share with us. This month I am also going with my kids to enjoy the Christmas in New York after my niagara falls tours with my colleagues.. I will make sure to capture the
    all moments in my camera for memory like you.



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