December 16, 2014

Christmas Hiatus

Well blogmas took about a week long hiatus--whoops! You can blame the state for that though because along with the typical 9-5 I have been up to my ears in RESA paperwork which is Ohio, state mandated busy work for new teachers. But I'm finally done with the first task! Good riddance.

Now I've got 3 more busy days to celebrate Christmas with my little elves at school!

I still have gifts to make, students' gifts to assemble, activity packets for winter break, a classroom party, end of the quarter grades and assessments...the list is never ending! But I'm not complaining! Oh no, this week is fun and with the state off of my back I can thoroughly enjoy it.

We've been doing Christmas around the world using this adorable scrapbook! The kids are in love! I play a little jazzy jingle bells transition song when it's time to board 'Christmas Airlines'. They grin and pull out their scrapbooks all while bopping to the music...

oh all right, I'll show you a bit of my cheesy first grader teacher side...but just remember--it's for the kids! ;)

Tomorrow we're making our ornaments for parent gifts using my idea from last year because it's just so stinkin' cute!

I canNOT wait until Christmas break, even though it warms my heart when my kids tell me how much they'll miss me.

Don't worry won't. You'll have new toys to play with! 

It feels good to pop in and say hello, internet! I'm back up and running.

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