December 3, 2014

Christmas Decorations in the Classroom

One of the joys of teaching first grade is that we celebrate everything. The munchkins get so into their holidays and Christmas is no exception. Good thing for them, I'm big into Christmas too! I already broke out my new Christmas sweater which I am in love with!
H&M Jacquard Knit Sweater
Christmas staples in my classroom include putting up a tree, doing "Elf on the Shelf", hanging Target dollar section bunting, and little decorative bins/ seasonal center activities around the room.

Yesterday I finished decorating the tree with red and gold baubles while my kids were at their special. I'm topping it off this morning with a roll of burlap draped all the way around.

A toasty mid-day pick me up was necessary too!

After reading Elf on the Shelf my class voted on the name Jingle for our mischievous little scout--Jingle-Olaf to be exact because some were simply devastated when the runner-up Frozen name wasn't chosen. Compromises my friends.

In case you were wondering, Jingle is holding a bottle of "magic elf dust" should he ever be accidentally touched and lose his magic. (An adorable gift from a parent who knows all to well that refraining from touching the elf is a difficult task for tiny hands).

A new addition to the room this year is the Christmas makeover I gave my writing center. My kiddos absolutely love to write. You guys, they cheer when I say, "Take out your free writing journals." I do my best to keep the writing activities varied and their interest high. 

While trying to buy everything in the Target dollar section recently I justified buying cute, Christmasy notepads for the kids by claiming them for the writing center. The kids have already been making wish lists, letters to Santa, notes to our elf, etc. 

When they're finished they put their notes into the red santa bucket to be "delivered". It's so simple yet the kids adore it and it keeps them loving their free writing.

Christmas with kids is so much fun! I can only imagine how much less I would get into the spirit if they weren't around. 

I hope this post wasn't super boring. I can never tell if people enjoy hearing about school or not because let me tell ya, I could talk about it for hours and just assume you're actually interested :) 

Have a happy Wednesday!

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