December 1, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

I wasn't exactly thrilled for my Thanksgiving holiday to be over yesterday, but I can definitely say that my students made my birthday a special one.

Some remembered right away that my birthday was today and handed me cards first thing this morning. The other students' faces lit up when the principal announced my birthday and I was showered with, "Happy Birthday!" shouts.

After lunch there was a round of singing Happy Birthday and then we enjoyed Samantha's Cookies which my students fell in love with. Kids really are the sweetest!

Corey and I are going out to dinner for my birthday later this week, but I did enjoy dinner last night at a local Mexican restaurant with my family. It's not often all 5 of us get together in the same room, let alone a meal together. I got a wonderful Tarte gift set from my parents, the Kate Spade watch from my gift guide from Corey, and Kate Spade boot socks with a gift card from my sister.

There wasn't any cake tonight, but while all of my extended family was in town for Thanksgiving my mom surprised me with cupcakes! I was surrounded by so much love--it was really special.

26 is still your mid twenties, right? Whew!

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