November 24, 2014

Affordable Cold Weather Skin Care

I don't know about you but Winter is probably my least favorite season. I don't hate it necessarily, but if I had to rank them all Old Man Winter definitely comes in last. The number one reason for my dislike is probably the fact that I get horribly dry skin due to the cold weather.

I hate having itchy skin that no lotion seems to relieve but the hardest part to care for is my face. Easily exposed to the frigid elements, my face dries out almost instantly at the turn of the season. But, have no fear! I think I have finally found a cold weather skin care routine that keeps my face hydrated day and night. 

So here's what I've been loving for my skin lately and a routine I'll definitely keep through the winter. Hopefully if you suffer from dry skin as well some of these will work for you. Bonus is they're all pretty cheap and I found them all at Target.

Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil I have never cleansed my face with an oil before but this is a dry skin dream come true. It breaks down face and eye makeup easily so I don't need to dry my face out with wipes before cleansing. The best part is that the oil is really moisturizing and doesn't leave a greasy feeling afterward. I like using it best as a makeup remover and still follow up with a foaming cleanser.
Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash After removing my makeup with the oil I wash with this Simple face wash using an Eco Tools Konjac Sponge. The fact that this is so moisturizing is what makes it a winter staple for me. The sponge is also a gentle way to scrub my face for a deeper clean without drying my face out.

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash After washing up I finish with the hydrating day and night cream. It's the perfect finish for a morning cleanse to then apply makeup or an evening cleanse to hop into bed feeling nourished and refreshed.
And that's it! I don't get crazy with a million different products or fancy expensive brands. I just like a nourished and hydrated face to combat the bitter cold through the winter.

What skin care products do you swear by in the winter?

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