October 11, 2014

Reluctant to Share

Today was the kind of Saturday I dread. I woke up with a massive headache to the reality of mounds of laundry needing to get done amongst other chores.

I slowly made my way out of bed and started the laundry. My head wasn't great, but better so I decided to make my first pumpkin creation this season. Pumpkin Pie Snickerdoodles! While I let the dough refrigerate I finally showered for the day and went to knockout my headache for good with some fresh air down at 2nd Street Market.

It was really neat to see some local graffiti artists repainting the wall behind the market. I love the new, bright colors and cool designs.

I'm a bit reluctant to share my farmer's market tip as I would very much like to keep the secret to myself, but heading to the market on Saturdays about an hour before they close is a gold mine. Vendors are ready to give up their goods for the week at a steal of a price.

I scored my flowers for $1 a bunch and then the kind flower man only charged $5 for 6 bunches. The food vendors often set out end of the day deals as well! This is much more to my liking than getting up early and fighting the 8 AM saturday crowd.

I grabbed a meat pie from Cheeky Meat Pies for lunch. It was the first time I have purchased from this food vendor at 2nd Street, and it was delicious! Warm, hearty, and perfect for this cool Autumn day.

Back home, my headache thankfully passed completely and I've finished my baking my cookies. Now I'm back to laundry and just enjoying the quiet autumn all around me. I think Corey and I will have a fire tonight, too!

What Autumn activity have you indulged in yet this season?

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