October 7, 2014

OBC #6 & 7: Pet Peeves and Lessons Learned

Six Pet Peeves
  1. Noisy eaters
  2. When people fail to 'zipper merge' in a construction zone
  3. Rude service
  4. People who grocery shop after 10 pm with kids who should be asleep. in their bed. at home.
  5. Interrupters
  6. Long winded answers to a simple question
7 Lessons Learned in 2014
  1. 18-20 is the magic number of first graders in a class. (If only that were my room for real!)
  2. Travel opens your mind and broadens your outlook on life in a refreshing way.
  3. True charity and giving of oneself should merit no recognition.
  4. European laws about food trump the U.S. all day, every day.
  5. I love Greek/Mediterranean food more than Mexican food!
  6. There is more than one right way to live life and the wrong way is to live it by other people's expectations.
  7. I like living in the suburbs.

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