October 3, 2014

OBC #3: Outfit Of The Day

It's FRIDAY!!!

By the end of the week I am just plumb worn out! Fridays are P.E. days so we're always extra excited in my classroom. Today we also celebrated a birthday with frosted cookie treats and by now all of my reading groups have used the iPads during guided reading.

They absolutely love using the tablets and are super engaged which makes me love them too!

Anyway, I'm here for another October Blogging Challenge--day 3!
Now, don't laugh! I am no model, people. I like to pretend I can be though. ;) Friday=jeans for me but I still prefer to look presentable and not like I've rolled out of bed for my senior year 8 AM.
sweater-Old Navy, jeans-American Eagle, shoes-Sperry Topsider
Today I dressed my jeans with a cozy powder blue sweater, sperrys, and forwent my usual statement necklace for minimal jewelry.
watch-Fossil, ring-Charming Charlies, nail polish-Essie: Style Cartel
That nail polish from Essie's newest Fall collection isn't as cobalt blue as in the picture. It's a lot darker in person but not black-dark. I am in love with it!

It rained today so there went my hair--poofy with frizz. Blurred out it looks real nice though don'tcha think?!

Thanks dog for another picture ruined by your wiggly self!

So there ya have it--comfortable and cozy with some classic style was the name of the game today. It fit perfectly with the cool, Fall weather we are having. I'm contemplating heading out to the homecoming game but my pumpkin doughnut candle, The Holiday, and my bed are just screaming my name!

Have a great weekend!

What do you wear to work on Fridays?

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  1. Hey Amanda, I've been meaning to comment for awhile. I love your blog - great job! I love your outfit - it's looks stylish yet comfortable!



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