October 31, 2014

OBC #29: A Day in the Life--Teacher Edition

I am currently sitting through a delay at the airport and finally have a chance to upload this day in the life post. It's from Wednesday but I already typed it up so I'm sharing it anyway. Enjoy!

Here is how my Wednesday went down which was actually a bit out of the ordinary. I'm nosy and love reading blogs even about the most mundane of tasks or events in other people's lives so hopefully you enjoy a peek into my daily routine.

5:00 AM 1st alarm goes off and I struggle to remember why I even wanted to get up that early.

5:36 Must not have been important--I finally wake up, shower, and get ready for work.

6:30 Leave for work and stop at Kroger for pumpkin carving supplies. Since I'm already here, I grab a Starbucks coffee.

7:00ish I arrive at school early today so I can set up the school science lab for our pumpkin investigations.

8:05 1st bell rings. Students enter the room.

8:15 Tardy bell rings, but all of my kids are on time and already completing their morning work. Announcements start and I take attendance, lunch count--all that jazz.

9:00 My 5 amazing parent volunteer showed up with a pumpkin in hand and we all headed down to the school science lab to complete our pumpkin investigations.

The parents were great and the kids LOVED it!

10:30 Computer lab time! The kids' favorite sites currently are starfall.com, firstinmath.com, and razkids.com.

11:05 Lunch time. Students eat with me in the classroom on Wednesdays if they've filled their behavior punch card and choose lunch with the teacher. It's a big deal because they don't redeem them often. I absolutely love having the informal time together and luh-luh-love it when they pick lunch with me as their reward.

11:55 Pick-up the kids from recess (it was extra recess day because we didn't have a special) and start small group time/intervention.

1:15 I get the kids out of their seats and get silly with a brain break from GoNoodle.com. These are AMAZING! The kids love them, they don't last too long, and it let's them mooooveee! Our favorite videos are from the Koo Koo Kangaroo group.

2:30 Dismissal time and then work, work, and some more work.

6:30 Finally leave school. Yes, I worked for 4 hours after the kids left. Part of the time was spent creating a travel journal for kids who vacation during the year. (I have a student going on a cruise for a week--lucky!) If you're a teacher (or parent who wants a fun road trip journal) you can click the picture to download it for free.

7:30 Corey and I picked up his tux for his brother's wedding and then had Five Guys for dinner since he'd never tried it before. As always it was the perfect burger/fry combo. Click it. Drool worthy burger pics.

8:30 We made a pit stop on the way home at Target and I hyperventilated over all of the uh-dorable Christmas items that are out!

Someone get me that sweater throw, will ya?! 

10:30ish I finally made it to bed. These days I'm so exhausted I pass out before my head hits the

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