October 2, 2014

GML: October Blogging Challenge

So I was totally on board to do a blog challenge for September that Gracie from Girl Meets Life created, but I totally failed. I blame it on the Europe posts! 

But clever Gracie created a new challenge for October so in staying with the theme for day one, one of my goals is to stay on top of these posts this month. I'll be up front now and say that I probably won't do them all, but I would like to do as much as I can.

October Goals
  • Keep up with the blogging challenge
  • Commit to regular workouts--no excuses! (my half marathon is this month!)
  • Get up a half hour earlier to give myself time for reflection, preparation, breakfast, etc. (usually I'm in a last minute rush!)
  • Find a photography class to take

Thankful Thursday
my job--It's an interesting time to be a teacher these days and there are definitely challenging moments. However, they don't call it work for nothing. Aside from all of the events, paperwork, this--that and everything in between my 26 little pumpkins truly make my days bright. I can't imagine my life without working with children. 

seat warmers--this is so trivial, luxury even, but I love them so much. Now that it's getting cool again, especially in the mornings, I love being nice and toasty all the way to work!

co-workers--I love my trusty group of friends at work. We keep each other going!

phone upgrades--October, I thought you'd never come! 

coffee--Cause...I mean...what's life without coffee?

pinterest--Where would all of my genius school ideas come from if I didn't have you, pinterest?!

What are you thankful for today?

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