October 12, 2014

Athens, Greece

And so the day has finally come. My last post of my summer trip to Europe.

For our last day we traveled to Athens which was where everyone flew home from. We said goodbye to our island oasis and took a fast boat then bus straight to the Acropolis.

The sun was at it's hottest and streaming down on us without a cloud in the sky. Our guide was a pretty, young woman who had the best story telling voice. Even though it was hot and hard to pay attention, I loved listening to her as we walked the ancient site.

After dodging in and out of shade spots we made our back down the mount and stopped by the marble olympic stadium before checking in to our final hotel.

Not wanting to waste our only day there, most people headed out around the corner to a lovely restaurant with outdoor seating in the glorious shade.

Megan, Quinn, and I split a huge greek salad, chicken souvlaki, and baklava for dessert. Of course with 2 helpings of tzatziki sauce on the side. If you're traveling and want to eat on a budget Greece is the place to be! It was cheap and easily the best meal I had on the whole trip.

We browsed the many stalls and vendors around the city including the ever rare Starbucks and H&M before giving in to summer's heat and heading back to the hotel for a nap.

For our final evening together I managed no pictures, but we laughed like old friends, drank merrily, and dined on delicious food with traditional greek dancers bobbing and clapping around us. We bid our final goodbyes to each other sipping up our last drinks on the rooftop lit up by the acropolis in the distance.

I opted not to sleep since I had to be up at 3 am to go to the airport. So after our goodbyes I dressed in my flying home attire and sleepily taxied to the airport with Alston and Omid. Their flight left first and then I was left alone to reminisce about my 3 weeks in Europe. I'm so happy to have had the experience and met so many wonderful friends.

You better believe I'm already planning my next trip back, Europe!


  1. WOW - your photos are incredible! looks like an amazing time.

  2. Amanda @ A Latte LearnOctober 14, 2014 at 6:44 PM

    Thank you! It is a paradise I hope to one day revisit



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