September 7, 2014

Sinking into Venice

You might want to snuggle down with a cup o' joe for this one! It's looong and photo heavy. What can I say Venice was breathtakingly beautiful and almost every snap I took was too good not share.

See? Oh just you wait--there's more where that one came from!

When we arrived in Venice we hopped straight onto a small boat and headed for the island of Murano. The island of glass. Murano and Venetian glass are obviously very well known and we went to watch it being made.

Our tour guide was a well dressed Italian man who walked with a happy gait and kept us chuckling throughout the entire demonstration. The room with the furnace was hot! These glass blowers do incredible work. The man we watched made a horse for us in under 5 minutes.

Afterward we had the chance to shop which was great because in the city you often do not know if what you're buying is real or not. Murano glass is not cheap by any means but it was fun to look around. I'm saving up my pennies so I can own a Murano chandelier. I'll have enough in about...hmm...never! Ha!

Back on the boat we headed to Venice, specifically to Piazza San Marco, better known to us English speaking folks as St. Mark's Square. After our guide Claudia gave us some sightseeing tips she sent us on our way.

I spent most of the day doubled over in laughter with Megan and Quinn as we wandered streets and waterways getting ourselves lost in one of the world's most complicated cities.

It's perfectly acceptable to lose yourself in Venice--expected even! And when you're ready to snap back to reality they have these nifty yellow signs that point you back in the direction of St. Mark's Square.

We got turned around almost instantly. Venice is beautiful but some of the smaller alleyways aren't so pleasant in scent. While stumbling around trying to find our bearings we landed into an alley to where we were immediately greeted with an awful, strong smell of urine. Apparently others noticed and were not pleased as well!

We finally gave up on trying not to be lost and just enjoyed wandering around. Sometimes we'd come to a dead end or a canal with no way to cross, but that's the fun of it. The buildings were gorgeous and although most Italians only work in Venice and live outside of the city we did see some nice residential areas.

Once we happened to make our way back to the main canal our next mission was gelato! We were finally in Italy and I had only been waiting my whole life to experience some real, Italian gelato! Of course gelato shops are not hard to find so we quickly indulged.

First up I had some kind of coffee flavor and Nutella. That was pretty freaking delicious but we also had round 2 gelato not long after and I had Hazelnut and Nutella. Now THAT was some good gelato! The Nutella?? Out of this world!

Yup, two-a-day gelato was a thing in Italy! We did some more wandering around one of the world's most beautiful cities stopping for photo shoots along the way and even took a famous gondola ride with Chloe and Jenny from our group.

To round out our trip we walked through St. Mark's Basilica. It was free but there is usually a long line to get in. Waiting to go until near closing time proved to be successful once again. We had almost no wait!

The mosaics were created using glass tiles and they looked phenomenal!

We goofed around a bit in St. Mark's square while waiting for the rest of our group at the end of the day. Venice you were a highlight for sure!

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