September 30, 2014

Greece: Poros and Hydra

The crystal white sands of Siesta Key, calm lagoons of the Virgin Islands, and private Carolina inlets dotted with sea turtle nests have been some amazing beach destinations, but nothing compares to the feeling I was left with after spending a few days in Greece.

After arriving in from Italy, a small boat took us around the island of Poros to our hotel which sat right on the beach. That initial sea breeze and sea salt spray instantly signaled we were in Paradise and a bunch of us couldn't wait to take a dip in the sea.

So we pushed back dinner and did just that. 

That same evening we had a welcome party at the bar by the pool and danced under the patio lights late into the warm night.

The next day a group of us took an excursion to the island of Hydra for some cliff jumping and Mediterranean relaxation. Though it's not one of the more well known spots such as Santorini or Mykonos, Hydra is not without stunning Grecian beauty.

The island is known for being only accessible by donkey and is saturated with adorable shops. The main harbor can be quite touristy but just walk the lanes and you'll stumble among great hidden treasures.

The first thing we did was lay our towels high up on the rocks and jump off of the cliffs into the crystal clear waters below.

The Mediterranean is so unbelievably clear and salty enough that you can be a lazy bones and keep afloat with minimum effort.

This cave was neat to swim into but smelled of pigeons calling the coop their home.

After some swim and sun, we had a leisurely lunch at a cute outdoor restaurant. I have only two words.

Tzatziki. Sauce.

The Greeks smother it on everything and it is so good! I wanted to bathe in the that stuff! The main meal itself seemed actually quite American--chicken and fries. But the Greek salad and starters were a Mediterranean dream.

Megan and I browsed the shops, took one last dip, and grabbed some gelato before getting on the fast boat back to Poros.

These stray little buddies are everywhere!

Back at the hotel we enjoyed dinner somewhere in the 7-8ish range. The Greeks like to dine late and stay up chatting way into the cool nights. Beats sitting under a cloudless sky in a scorching, unbearable heat.

Practically living in our bathing suits at this point, Megan and I excitedly hurried down to take a late night dip in the pool but it was closed. It's okay though because the ocean is always open and there was a small boat just begging for us girls to take a dive off!

After a quick swim we called it a night and bid everyone Kalispera, until tomorrow.

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