September 15, 2014

Fall is for Football

My very best friend lives in Columbus which is close enough for visiting but just far away enough that visits don't happen that often. It's awful.

Luckily Miss Natalie scored us some tickets to the event of the (almost) Fall season here in Ohio.... Buckeye football. Saturday I drove up much to early for my liking, but that's what friends are for, eh?

Our motto was #herefortheband and it turns out we were at the perfect game to support our fellow musicians as it was Alumni Band weekend! We checked out TBDBITL's pregame concert and were blown away by the alumni and current members alike!

OSU's marching band really does their job well and gets every spectator, bandos or not, involved and amped up!

Back in The Shoe, we settled snuggly onto our A Deck bleacher seats (a steal these were!) and watched OSU crush Kent State. Poor little MAC team. From a MAC school myself, I empathized with Kent, but was loving the buckeye energy.

I'll be honest I'm not a buckeye junkie and football is not my favorite sport--too much stop and go. However, I love just about any sport live because the experience isn't only about the game. The tasty smells drawing you to the concessions and the roar of the forever loyal fans are some of my favorite bits about going to a game. 

We welcomed those scents of freshly popped popcorn and smokey barbecue meats and made our way to the concessions before halftime. It was a bratwurst for me.

As I mentioned before OSU's band is highly entertaining. It's the kind of entertainment that captures your attention and pleases everyone no matter what individual taste may be.

Their halftime show included the alumni band and honored the armed forces. Known for their intricate animations on the field, the band members pulled off some clever work to represent each branch. My favorite was the plane for the Air Force.

As a band so richly steeped in tradition, it of course would not have been a halftime show without making script Ohio. There were 4 going on at once since there were so many alumni and it was amazing to watch!

Once the players came back I'll admit watching a blowout game got a little boring. It was a gorgeous day out so we managed through 3rd quarter and then left to beat the mass exodus to happen at the end of the game.

I love game day atmosphere's and my second experience in The Shoe did not disappoint.

After the game we headed to the Short North area to chat more over food. Natalie took me to a place called Pint House. The food was decent but the ambience and crazy beer selection is what really draws people in.

I got excited when I saw Hofbrau Dunkel on the menu but it wasn't currently on tap anymore. I settled on a summery favorite and ordered Oberon with my mac & cheese.

Natalie went for a black bean burger which we're pretty sure was just a frozen patty. You live and ya learn.

As if we hadn't eaten enough for the day we headed to Columbus favorite, Jeni's, for some ice cream. I had espresso and salted caramel which was insanely good! 

With full and happy bellies we finished up our outing by popping into some of the unique shops in the area. 

I wished to buy one of everything I saw especially from the fancy paper store we stopped in.

When I visit Columbus I always wish I could stay a bit longer. Big love to my forever roomie, Natalie!

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