September 28, 2014

Fall Fun: Football & Festivals

Whoa alliteration!

I hope everyone is off to a pleasant start this week. Corey and I had quite an idyllic autumn weekend. I made sure to get all of my school work done Friday evening so that I wouldn't have to go in to work at all. Saturday afternoon we set out to Columbus for the Ohio State vs. UC football game.

Little bits of Summer were changing over to Fall all over campus. So pretty!

The game was really fun and it was a nice change of pace from the terribly freezing cold game we went to last year. OSU got a bit close for comfort to UC there before the half but pulled off a 50-28 win.

I was of coursed very entertained by TBDBITL's Wizard of Oz show as well as the young man who ran onto the field during the game and was body slammed to the ground by one of the assistant coaches! Can't attend a sporting event without seeing one of those in your lifetime!

On Sunday I had a trip to Target with my mom which I haven't done in so long. I was overdue too because the dollar section had so many new goodies for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I got the cutest little orange and black chevron pillows for my kids' reading chairs in the classroom.

In the evening Corey and I went to the Dayton Art Institute's Oktoberfest. Thanks Beth for giving Corey the tickets!

The festival was really nice. I enjoyed some German dunkel bier and from the Dublin Pub tent an incredible Guinness brat with sauerkraut on a pretzel bun.

Though we were at a German fest Corey opted for some Thai/Chinese food which was actually really delicious!

We also browsed the artisan tents which had some really nice pieces from talented local artists. I really wanted a black and white painting of a Parisian street with little pops of color throughout. It was so pretty--but also $850 dollars. The alpaca wool blanket/shawl/scarf thing I also wanted was $139 so I left the festival happy, but empty handed!

What's your favorite Oktoberfest event?

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