September 3, 2014

Austrian Bike Hike

The alpine center we stayed in was a cute little wellness center high in the Austrian Alps. There was a spa, small gym, pool, bikes to use at our leisure, and a swimming pond just a short walks way down the road.

Our rooms were the biggest we had out of every city we stayed in. We were like kids on Christmas walking into that bedroom with an attached sunroom and a balcony outside of that.

The best part was absolutely the view!

All of our time in Austria was on our own which was so relaxing. Some chose to go whitewater rafting and some chose to take the morning to do laundry. After a restful first night in, I decided to hit the trail with a complimentary bike and take in that crisp mountain air. 

Just standing outside was breathtaking but getting a little physical activity in was a plus too. The downside? Nobody told me that you have to be pretty fit to be able to bike UPHILL! So my bike ride turned into a walk my bike, hike :)

I made my way up a nearby climb to a small castle which was really more like a mansion. The fun part was riding my bike back down the other side, whizzing past quaint homes in a neighborhood tucked into the hillside.

We had a really nice time staving off city life and frolicking in the outdoors. Thinking back now there was a lot I didn't photograph but sometimes images held in our memory alone are the best kind. The relaxation was just what I needed to reenergize for the rest of my fast paced trip. My excitement was at an all time high leaving Austria because we were heading to the home country of our good ol' bus driver Carmina...

 Italia here we come! Buongiorno! 

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