August 4, 2014

Rothenburg & Munich Day 1

It's getting back to school crazy around here, but I'm back to finish up my recaps!

After our one night stay in Heidelberg we were back on the bus and off to Munich or M√ľnchen for all you Germans. Along the way we had an afternoon stop in the quaint and adorable city of Rothenburg. 

The ancient walled city is reminiscent of its medieval days with cobblestone streets and small colorful buildings. The clouds dried up just long enough for Jess and I to climb the tower of the town hall. The passageway that led out onto the top had the steepest steps of anything I climbed on the whole trip. 

At the top you stand exposed on a very small circular landing. It's a neat view because you can see the wall and towers that surround the city. Perfect for Middle Age fortification! 

For the rest of our time we walked the quiet streets and gardens. 

I also popped into one of the famous Christmas shops. Nutcrackers originated in Germany and are a popular souvenir. I really wanted one but the wooden, handcrafted beauties were very pricey. I should've splurged! 

Before leaving town our group met up for lunch and had the German specialty--pork and sauerkraut. I embraced the sauerkraut and actually liked it mixed in! I have always despised sauerkraut and thought it tasted vile. This meal however with a little mustard on the side--muah! 

Now the real German fun begins...We finally arrived in Munich after driving on a bit. Following the World Cup was huge throughout our whole trip and we were lucky enough to be in probably the biggest beer drinking city in the world to watch Germany beat Algeria. It was quite a thrilling experience.

After checking into our hotel our group headed not to the famous Hofbrauhaus, but another massive beer hall, The Augustiner. 

This place was packed well into the hundreds, maybe even a thousand full (HB holds 1300!) I sat with some friends down in the bricked basement for most of the game and enjoyed Bavarian soft pretzels and liters of delicious beer.

It was really cool to watch the bartenders tap a new keg of their self made beer using a hammer to tap the spout into the wooden barrel. 

Feeling like champs Megan and I headed upstairs to where all the action was as the end of the game neared. We joined up with more friends from our group to take in the ruckus. When Germany finally sealed the deal the crowd went wild! 

It was one of my favorite nights of the trip and a one of a kind experience I'll certainly always remember! 

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