August 23, 2014

Cozy Up Your Workspace

With school back in session working for the weekend brings on a whole new meaning again. I forgot how exhausting my little first grade peaches are. This year I have 8 more of them than I did last year! Wowza!

Friday nights are meant for sleeping deep into Saturday afternoons mornings, that. is. for sure!

To unwind today I paid a trip to 2nd Street Market for lunch. I grabbed a gyro from Azra's, closed my eyes, and pretended I was back on the Mediterranean.

I also bought some fresh flowers for my classroom. I like to make my classroom as homey as possible. It makes the kids more comfortable and it's easy to work in a space surrounded by things I enjoy.

One of my (the kids' too!) favorite spots is our reading area with the cute little comfy chairs from IKEA.

(this photo is from over the summer--a classroom still in progress!)

I also like to have photos hanging around my desk area and use sticky 9 magnets of my favorite instagram photos to cozy up my space. 

How do you make your workspace more enjoyable?

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