August 31, 2014

An Austrian Adventure

I last left you in Germany so let's get going! After leaving Munich early in the morning our day was packed with a good mixture of travel and fun. Our group stopped in Berchtesgaden to visit the salt mines which have been in operation since 1517.

The experience was cooler than we could've imagined and it was neat to be deep in the earth and learn how salt was mined then and now.

We got to wear cool outfits, slide down two wooden chutes that took us deeper into the mine, listen to the tour guide in German then an audio recording in English, explore the salt laboratory and layout of the mine tunnels, and take a raft in the dark across the underground mirror lake while a light and sound show played.

After emerging from the dank, dark earth we hopped back on the bus and headed to Salzburg for some lunch and sight seeing.

When we arrived in Salzburg, so did the rain. We walked as a group to the main square and visited the gorgeous cathedral. 

Back outside my thin jacket wasn't doing anything against the rain. I was cold and hungry and if I'm honest getting crabby at this point. I didn't want to traipse around in the rain looking at things. I darted into the first restaurant I could find and enjoyed pizza and beer from my warm view of the wet, cold city.

When I had finished the rain was still coming down strong. There was no way I was walking under open sky up the hill to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. The hills were (unfortunately) not alive with the sound of music. 

Fun fact: the average Austrian doesn't understand the infatuation with Austria and the movie, The Sound of Music. It's an American thing! What they do capitalize on is on Mr. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. That man's face is on everything from the infamous (hear, disgusting) chocolate Mozart balls to umbrellas. 

I did manage to snap a few pictures including one of Mozart's home (pre-Vienna) before bunkering down in a Starbucks. The fun thing about Starbucks in each country is the venue. This one was an older building and it had a downstairs seating area that reminded me of a cellar with big wooden tables. 

We finally got back and the road and were on our way to a little rest and relaxation high in the Austrian Alps at our own little Alpine Center. 

After a restful first evening in our Alpine center, the skies opened back up for a beautiful, sunny day in the Austiran Alps. But, we'll save the sunny bits for tomorrow.

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  1. I'm having serious travel envy right now...! Austria looks so beautiful. That architecture is incredible!



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