June 23, 2014

London Day One: Kensington, Harrod's, and a Pub Crawl

After arriving and gathering my bearings a bit I set out around the corner from our hotel into Kensington Gardens. If I remember correctly it's the largest city park in Europe. While unusual for London,it was a perfectly sunny day and many local families were out picnicing on the lawns or playing on the Princess Diana Playground. 

I strolled over to Kensington Palace which is the home of William and Kate. Like everything in London, it definitely had a regal feel to it with its gold plated gates encasing the massive home.

Parts are open to the public for touring for a fee. I moved along and followed the gardens out of the park. I was on a mission. Harrod's Food Halls.

Inside is bustling with people popping in and out of the various halls and ogling over all of the designer goods. I of course headed straight for the food. You can get everything from chocolate bars to caviar. I jumped over to the bakery for a nibble. 

I studied everything for a long time and contemplated getting one of each before settling on a butter croissant dough, cinammon sugared doughnut. Hands down the best doughnut I've ever had. Every bite melted in my mouth and I had to stop myself from shoveling the whole thing down to quickly. 

After leaving Harrod's I checked into my hotel finally and took a much needed nap. It cured the last of my plane illness and afterwards my roommate Jess and I set out with the rest of our tour group to some nearby pubs.

A group of us bought a pitcher of Pimm's--very popular among the Brits. It tasted like a sparkling sangria--fruity and refreshing!

After a few drinks we called it a night. Tomorrow starts bright and early with a tour of London 's greatest landmarks!


  1. Wow! Look as though you're already having a blast! Just the beginning. Enjoy!

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