June 18, 2014

First Things First

I'm a realist...

You know you sang it too!

Number 1: Congratulations to Amber T. for winning the Glo Run registration giveaway! (winner has already ben e-mailed)

Number 2: Thank you to everyone who stopped by the page and entered the giveaway--if you weren't a winner, you can still use my code, ALATTELEARN25, through today and receive 25% off of your registration for the Glo Run. Just click here to register.

Number 3: I went with Corey to pick out a dog recently. We decided on this little guy, a Shih tzu Poodle mix, Shihpoo. Meet Major!

Number 4: I am leaving for Europe on Saturday! I fly into Heathrow, London. Somebody pinch me! I'm so anxious and surprisingly have a majority of my packing finished. I absolutely cannot wait for this adventure ahead! I'll be sure and bring you all along on here.

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