June 7, 2014

First Friday Downtown

If you're on social media even a little bit you'll know that yesterday was National Doughnut Day. My sister and I started our day by heading to our favorite doughnut shop, Jim's. The case was a little picked over, but we still nabbed some of our favorites.
We visited my mom at work to share the wealth and show her what we bought Franklin, the birthday boy. He's 4 now!
After mom got home from work we continued the family fun--just us girls--and hit up a local food truck rally.

I love following local parks and establishments on social media because event announcements can instantly turn an ordinary evening into a fabulous night out. When I scrolled across the city's First Friday event I knew we had to go. Food trucks have been quickly gaining popularity around here and I'm on a mission to try out all of the infamous Dayton trucks!

I have been hearing great things about Bella Sorella's wood fired pizzas so my tummy was already set and ready for this Italian main event. I hopped in line with my sister while mom scooted over for some BBQ.

It was a no brainer after glancing at the menu and I ordered the Greek-in-Law. I can't ever turn down greek olives and feta cheese! We waited almost no time for our pizza's to come out of the brick oven all crisp and bubbly.

The pizza was very good! I especially loved the crust. A crispy outside with a soft, fluffy inside is the perfect pie crust in my book!

We found a shady spot on the lawn to eat together. Apparently it was a happening place to be because we ran into old family friends from church too!

After eating we realized that we'd managed a flat tire somehow. Mom called dad to patch it up so while waiting we walked around a bit--the perfect inconvenience for a shutterbug.

I ran into Angela on my walk! 

Dad was taking a bit long so I got a little snack happy too. I tried out another truck and had lil' BBQ pulled pork slider. It was delish!

Finally dad arrived and brought the dog along because they're attached at the hip. While dad worked I took Franklin for a little walk by the river. It was nice and cool since the giant fountain was on.

Hero dad got us mobile again just in time as the sun was starting to fall back beyond the horizon. Food truck success!

What's the best thing you've ever eaten from a food truck?


  1. We have a Grilled Cheese Truck. The white cheddar on sourdough with tomato and bacon is to DIE FOR.

  2. Amanda @ A Latte LearnJune 8, 2014 at 10:38 AM

    Wow! That sounds amazing. There's a Dayton truck called C'est Cheese! Maybe they'll make me one.



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