June 2, 2014

BBQ and Ice Cream

I'm still trying to get my time off from school under control, but I managed to get out with Corey on Saturday night for a classic summer evening.

We ate everyone's favorite summer foods (barbecue in case you were wondering) at the sizzlin' and smokey, City Barbeque.

We strolled right to the front of the line with the sweet and smokey smells of slow roasting bbq meeting our noses. Corey ordered up the city sampler while I stuck with a slow cooked favorite of mine, a pulled pork sandwich. For my sides I ordered up fries and an unusual choice for me, corn pudding.

Corey's had roasted turkey, beef brisket, pulled pork, sausage and two huge chunks of Texas toast. He went with mac & cheese for a side which we both agreed was only so-so and fries. The sausage was smoked just right with a peppery flavor. Very good!

My favorite sauce was the sweet bbq. It was a sweet, sticky mess and complemented the pork well. And it wouldn't be summer without washing it all down with a cold citrus drink.

Mopping bbq from our lips using the generous roll of paper towels left on the table, we were positively stuffed. That meant only one thing...

A skip over to Graeter's for ice cream. We don't have one near home so it was a delicious treat and a perfect end to a warm summer evening.

What's your favorite place for some summer bbq or ice cream?

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