May 29, 2014

Out With School, In With Summer

I made it! The school year is donezo!

Our last day with kids was Tuesday and we spent it at a local water park. Before that we started our morning in style and walked the red carpet for our classroom awards. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

Leading up to our final goodbyes my kids and I indulged in some fun end of the year projects. Their memory books were my favorite! They did such a good job and worked really hard on them. 

One of their favorite things about it was that I gave them my school picture from this year. It made me chuckle at how much they loved it. 

My favorite part was definitely not my school picture but the fact that I hand wrote a personal letter to each of my students in the back of their books. I did a few each night of the week and when the kids caught on that I would be writing to each of them they couldn't wait until their page was filled. 

I sent them home with a cute Dr. Seuss tote bag (to use for getting books at the public library over the summer!) stuffed with a top secret envelope-- their summer challenge! Little do they know, that summer challenge is really summer homework. They'll never even notice, I swear! 

This group of kids will forever hold a special place in my heart. They're my first group of firsties. That little class of 2025 stole my heart and I'm going to miss them very much. I received so many sweet notes, cards, and gifts from both parents and students and it made my heart so full on that last day.

Now that summer is officially in full swing I spent the day in one of my happy places, 2nd Street Market. It is so relaxing to be able to go on a weekday and not a crowded Saturday. 

It was a humid 86 degrees this afternoon so I first cooled down with some blueberry pomegranate gelato which tasted more like sherbet. Still good nonetheless.

After having dessert first I ate lunch at my favorite 2nd Street spot, Azra's. They have the best local Mediterranean food! I went for my usual salad sampler which got me all kinds of excited to be eating Greek food in Greece in just a few weeks.

The rest of my time I simply basked in the sun enjoying the fact that I wasn't at work. On my way out I bought some fresh flowers and a little snacky for the drive home.

When I got home I arranged my flowers into a pretty new vase I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Franklin agreed with me that the flowers smelled lovely.

Life. Is. Beautiful. 

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