May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

I hope you all had a lovely day, whatever you may have done to celebrate your mama! It's such a special thing to think about what a mother is.

This past week at school we excitedly welcomed 8 sweet little ducklings that finally hatched. We're lucky each Spring to see the same mama duck who comes to lay eggs in our courtyard. Unfortunately, 2 of the ducklings have already become food for a hawk. You can't prevent the circle of life, but it is neat to see the care and protection a mother duck affords to her ducklings.

Speaking of ducklings, my cute little ones had a blast making their mother's day gifts.

We glued tissue paper squares to mason jars and I put a tea light candle inside. They thought these were so cool! I'd have to agree! Though simple, held together with glue, and stuffed with a candle that will melt away, I hope this little token of love will forever be cherished.

Today my siblings and I went to church with my mom and afterward (mostly my sister) made a delicious meal. It was simple, but pleasant to just be around each other and have no other plans.

I did make these mini snickerdoodle muffins  from my favorite foodie blog, Val So Cal, for a treat and boy oh boy were they good. Mini always seems like an excuse to have more. We polished these babies off in no time. 

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