April 10, 2014

Staying Alive

It's almost Friday! This week has actually gone fairly quickly for me. I had my final evaluation of the school year on Tuesday which of course set the stress meter at an all time high. The whole process went very well and I'm very, very thankful that it is all over with.

I owe my ability to make it out of this week alive to the following few things..

Fresh flowers in my bedroom which have surprisingly also made it out alive this week. They're not even wilting yet!

This incredible gyro 'salad' from Azra's. I could stuff my face with Mediterranean food all day, 'er day.

My new lineup of spring scented candles. The Provence collection at Bath & Body works is truly spirit uplifting material. 

More Mediterranean flavahs. I had this sandwich...ahem...2 days in a row. Shh. 

 Buying a new "There was an Old Lady" book which my school babies adore!

FRO-YO!!!!! I totally forget what I had now, but there were 2 flavors and they were awesome. 

Taco night with mom's homemade salsa and guac. Oh. Em. Gee.

Seeing the fantastical, Memphis at the Schuster center with my mom. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I'm currently working on memorizing the soundtrack so I can belt like a broadway star to and from work.

And now I'm ready for sleep (yes, at 6:15) and for Friday to get here so I can say, "We have 6 weeks, 31 days to be exact, of school left!

What's been the highlight of your week?

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