April 25, 2014

Small Town Love

Hello little piece of my life on the internet. I miss you. What can I say except that my job is my life. Hugs.

And, hellooo everybody else! I'm so glad to finally have a weekend with nothing to do. Last Friday I took my school kids on a field trip to the zoo. The weather was perfect and we had a blast.

After school I jetted home and packed to head up north to Michigan with my mom. My aunt hosted an Easter dinner we went early to do some shopping on Saturday. We visited the small town of Fenton which was full of shops and popular restaurant, The Laundry.

This place had a fresh and light modern French decor with an eclectic flair of mismatched tables and chairs. With all of the natural light flowing in, it felt like the perfect spot to cozy into a sandwich for lunch--and boy did I get cozy!

The menu is bulging with many different sandwich options so I stuck with the section labeled, Would Be Prom Queens--our most popular sandwiches. I finally settled on the Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Fenton. The typical sandwich fixings seemed safe enough.

When the sandwich arrived I was blown away by the massive portion!

Hallelujah to restaurants who plop a whole dill pickle in your basket as opposed to a little ol' spear!

Centered between two slices of Challah bread were smoked-peppered ham, smoked turkey breast, applewood smoked bacon, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. I could easily slap all of these ingredients together at home but the folks at the laundry have the sandwich making magic touch.

Delicious and oh so filling--I only ate half and of course my whole pickle! And what a clever little thing they are by leaving your bill in this brown paper envelope.

After lunch we strolled around and visited a bakery, sweet shop, antique store, and a charming shop with everything from unique soaps and candles to adorable books and kids' toys.

The antique shop was so much fun to browse through and I walked away with an orange floral, porcelain dish to use for jewelry and a turquoise teacup and saucer.

The charming shop with the luxurious candles and soaps was our last stop and my mom bought me a cute vocabulary book as a little Easter pressie.

I suppose it will sharpen my quick whit and expand my quirky vernacular.

Even though it's a week out, let's say we meet up here again tomorrow and I'll share some of my Easter Sunday with ya, huh? Don't forget the coffee!

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