April 26, 2014

Easter Sunday

I wish every sunday could be Easter sunday. Having my extended family a wee bit closer would suffice I suppose. I always have the best time chatting away with my aunts, uncles, and cousins, playing with the littles, and eating all of the delicious food!

Easter started by waking to giggles and the littles playing "beauty shop". I quickly poured the coffee and joined in. My aunt and uncle worked all morning preparing the house for guests and just before heading off to church the Easter spread was set.

Of course the dessert table was the best part and how cute is that adorable coconut lamb cake?!

After church we had a sweet surprise and my cousin Courtney and Dustin showed up with baby Adelynn. My sister couldn't come but it was fun having all of my girl cousins to hang around with. We sat down to a delicious meal and then had an egg hunt for the kiddies.

Let's face it egg hunts are all about what kind of goods you come out on top with. 

Pockets full of money and mouths chomping on sour candies, we all took to the couches after the egg hunt.

I love my sweet family! I hope everyone else had a lovely Easter Sunday last weekend as well. I'll be reminiscing today.

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