April 1, 2014

Dinner is Better With Bubbles

Hey everyone! I hope the beginning of your week has been fabulous. The weather here in Ohio has been uh-mazing so today I took a little time to indulge in the sunshine.

Of course I knew Franklin wouldn't want to miss out so I hooked him up and let him trot out with me. 

We walked until the sun started to dip below the horizon and the breeze turned from comfortable to chilly. I had great intentions to run tonight, but the poor dog was just begging for a romp in the park. We ended up walking for almost two hours. 

I was more than ready for dinner by the time I got home. I'm no cook like my mother, but I made do by whipping up some parmesan multigrain pasta with spinach. Having a few bubbles to help classily wash it down didn't hurt either.

After finishing off my dinner the bubbles were going down so easily that I decided to indulge a little more and have dessert. I saw this Easter candy creation on pinterest and though mine didn't turn out very pretty, it was rich and delicious.
That's not just any crescent roll pictured there--it's stuffed with a caramel cadbury egg. droool. The fruit was sweet and delicious too. Of course I let the bubbly continue to flow and threw in some frozen raspberries for good measure. 

Annnd now I'm off to dreamland. It's not beauty rest I'm most concerned with as much as it is rejuvenating myself to stay on the level of 6 and 7 year olds. ;)

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