March 25, 2014

Sweet Baby

Now that Spring Break is over I'm fully back into the swing of things at work. Going back was a struggle, but my little ones didn't make it too difficult for me. I was well received with lots of little hugs.

With truly the best event over break, I wrapped up my week off with a trip to Michigan. My mom and I paid my cousin Courtney and her husband a visit to see their new baby, Adelynn! I of course instantly fell in love. 

Babies are so sweet and special and I love this new little addition to the family so, so much. Did I mention how much I love her?

My mom spent the weekend preparing meals to help them out and in between we of course had plenty of Addy snuggles. I'll try not to picture overload, but can you really help it when it comes to babies?!
I love you guys! Thanks for letting us visit and spend time with Addy! :) Give her a kiss for me, will ya? 

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  1. valerie dodge headMarch 25, 2014 at 10:08 PM

    Amanda your telling of everyday interactions are told with a tender embrace of family and your value of the beauty in every day moments. I am blessed deeply by your photojournalism.



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