March 18, 2014

Go With the Flow

Since I'm on break from school I decided to bring lunch to Corey at work. It was a fun change of pace to enjoy lunch with him on a weekday. I met some of his co-workers and it was nice to put a face with the name of his work friends.

After he had to get back to work I thought about what a nice day it was outside and couldn't bring myself to drive back home just yet. Corey's work is close to my alma mater so I went with the flow and headed to Oxford. 

A walk uptown on a nice day is so refreshing and being back on campus, even if for only a moment, makes me feel like my life after college doesn't exist. Reveling in nostalgia is something that makes me feel wonderfully sad if that makes any sense at all. Wonderful to have had the experience and the memories to keep, sad because it seems to have passed by at the snap of a finger.

I equate it to what one may feel looking to into the Harry Potter Mirror of Erised. Though going back to college is not my deepest hearts desire of course. It's just something that I long for and miss sometimes. Does this make sense? Too nerdy? Gettin' too deep? 

Anyway, I grabbed a double vanilla machiato from starbucks (so good!) and popped into a couple shops to browse. I refrained from making any cute boutique purchases and made my way to campus to check out the new student center. Inside, the center was so elegantly decorated and nothing short of what I'd expect from good ol' Miami.

After finishing up my coffee and meandering a bit more I bought a couple new items from the bookstore and headed home. We all know that mugs and workout tanks are things that I can't stop buying desperately need. 

Before heading home I (thankfully) remembered that Frozen came out on dvd today so I stopped off at Target to buy it. That of course meant buying a few other things as well. 

Along with the movie I bought some easter eggs in a cute egg container to use for some Spring word work activities at school. My firsties will be so excited! 

I also bought some sandals (come on warm weatherrrr!) and easter candy. The candy was inhaled hence not getting it's picture taken.

Oh wait! the candy did get its picture taken. It was my pre-workout fuel to my s-l-o-w 5k. Ha! But hey, at least I ran today. 

What are you most excited to enjoy again as Spring rolls around?


  1. I can't even begin to tell you all the spring things I'm looking forward to! Sandals, dresses, shorts, tank tops, a TAN, better produce, you name it! ;)

  2. Amanda @ A Latte LearnMarch 25, 2014 at 7:21 PM

    Dresses and sandals...yesss! SO true about produce!



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