February 23, 2014

Typical Ohio

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this past week. We were lucky enough to have a few warm days and I was able to get outside and run. Nobody loves it more than Franklin though. On the day all of the snow melted he eagerly kicked up enough grass to cover a football field and scrambled his little paws through every mud puddle.

I definitely shared his enthusiasm yesterday--blue skies, sun blaring, and temps in the mid 50's. I seized the rare February occurrence to hit up 2nd Street Market for an early lunch and browsing. Azra's Mediterranean Cuisine has quickly become one of my favorite places to grab a bite. This time I went for the salad sampler.
Look at all of that feta and olive goodness. This whole plate was unbelievably tasty and left me full and satisfied for a long time.

It's always hard to find a table on a Saturday morning but, I managed to snag one. Two ladies asked if they could join me since I had a table to myself and it felt good to share since seats were so hard to come by.

I sat and fiddled around on my iPad for a bit and then walked and browsed my favorite vendors. The market has such a light-hearted, friendly atmosphere that makes me want to cozy down into a corner table, sip coffee, and switch between people watching and reading books all day.

Oh yeah, I had some mango gelato from the Chef's Case while I browsed. My favorite flavor though is still the Earl Grey. It's subtly sweet and such a unique take on the icy treat.

After grabbing a bouquet of fresh flowers for only 3 bucks, I headed out for some coffee and errands which included picking my sister up at the airport from her trip to Florida (so jealous!).

Finally in the late afternoon I knew the sun was at it's highest and it was time for me to soak in that Vitamin D. I set out on a run and though my legs felt like bricks, I pushed through and ran a 10k. I haven't run a distance of any significance since my half-marathon in September so it feels awesome to get my body moving like that again.

To enjoy more sun before it dipped away for the evening, I took Franklin on a walk in our metro park for a cool down. He had a ball! He needs a trip to the groomer's for a trim but it's been so cold! 

The river was high from all of the snow melt and water completely covered the bike path not too far into the park.

I wish this weather was here to stay. Yesterday had me so, so ready for warmer weather. But, I live in Ohio and it's still February. Winter will be back my friends, but hey...25 days until Spring!

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