February 4, 2014

Slow Down and Sip the Coffee

Even without knowing me if you're reading this it should be pretty obvious how much I love my hot cuppa liquid gold. Now I love my Starbucks just as much as the next cozy sweater wearing, vanilla latte sipping girl, but you can't beat a local brew from an independent shop.

Press coffee bar was just what I needed to brighten up a bitter, dreary snow day recently. Stepping in from the frigid cold I was immediately welcomed into a cozy warm and refreshingly light atmosphere.

I shivered off the cold and my amateur, Starbucks toting self ordered a macchiato which traditionally is a very small serving. Nixing that, I upped the ante and ordered a latte instead. While I waited, I hopped onto a bar stool and enjoyed taking a look around at the simple decor.

When my latte was served up I giddily grabbed my cup and smiled at the pretty art topping my drink. I of course snapped a few pics before pushing past the foam and sending the liquid warmth in to knock the rest out of the cold out of my body. 

Though I'm used to my lattes with lots of flavored syrup, I take my coffee black. This latte hit the spot and had such a fresh, un-doctored taste. With the cold looking in, I enjoyed the ceiling to floor natural light and sipped away every last drop.

Eating local, buying local, and giving back to your community makes for high quality living. I can't wait to try other independent coffee shops in my area.

What's your favorite place to grab your cup of java?

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