February 28, 2014

Patty Burger

I love a good excuse to get out on a weeknight and Thursday night it was double the fun as I made plans to meet up with my college friend, Adam. A new burger joint is in town and settling into a big, beefy burger on a numbing, winter night was just the wind down I needed.

Patty burger hails from Chicago, but after closing up shop in the windy city they are now flipping up patties in West Chester, OH. Walking into the place gives you a 50's diner vibe with a major 21st century twist. The decor favors that of a Chipotle but to me was much more inviting. 

Patty's boasts a menu of gourmet, always fresh burgers with sides that make your mouth water at first read. That obviously made it hard not to order one of everything, though we were pretty close to meeting that mark!

Adam was sold on The All-Nighter topped with a fried egg, cheddar cheese, and bacon. I went for the Stadium Burger piled high with pico de gallo, lettuce, tomato, and red onion and, well, who can resist melty cheese sauce on a burger?

Happily chomping away on my first bite all I could think was mmmm, I love meat and goooood burger! A few more bites in (though still a tasty burger) the flavor just wasn't hitting me and seemed a bit bland. It was good but not lip smacking, finger licking good. You know what I mean? For a place with gourmet in the tagline I guess I expected a bit more. I did manage to still polish off every last bite--no problem. 

Served with the beef we tried the fresh cut sweet potato chips which were tossed in a cinnamon chipotle spice. I couldn't taste the spice, but the chips were cooked just right. The sweet potato was a welcomed option differing from the usual plain potato chip. We decided that we'd better try the fries too because you can't have a burger without fries.

Rightfully stuffed I should've stopped there, but desert was already on the table. I couldn't resist ordering up Patty's sweet, fried dough balls because carbs are a girl's best friend. In my mind I pictured cinnamon sugared donut holes but these dough balls were on a whole other level.

These so called bites were a tad smaller than my fist and coated in a sweet, sticky cinnamon sugar layer. Warm and gooey, the dough ball platter started to edge Adam out of the running for best friend of the evening. They were served with chocolate, strawberry, and caramel sauce but I quite liked them on their own as they tasted like Christmas morning monkey bread.

I took some home to share with my family but unfortunately a few were undercooked and were completely raw dough in the very middle. Bummer because the outside was so good!

Having only opened a couple weeks ago, I'm sure Patty's is still getting used to it's new surroundings and working out the flow. Gourmet would not be the word I would use but it's certainly a fun place to meet up with some friends. You certainly need to give it a try yourself. I would go back again and this time try a burger with bacon! Why oh why did I not get bacon?! 

Friends and food have gone together since the ancient of days and I was pleasantly full and happy after getting to catch up with Adam. I think I need to add more weekday fun into my life. Can't ever go wrong with a burger night!

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