February 6, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday Post, Roomie

While celebrated well on time, I haven't gotten around to posting about my beautiful best friend/college roommate/high school PIC's birthday bash.

A couple weekends ago Natalie arranged for some friends to hit the town in Columbus to celebrate her birthday. Setting up a countdown in my planner like a good friend does, I was super excited when the day finally arrived.

The forecast was calling for heavy snow and terrible road conditions. Not a good sign, but nary a snowflake was going to keep me from a weekend with my best. We all trekked north and made it safely for some romping through the snow covered streets of Short North. 

Dinner set us off on the right foot as we made ourselves at home in Marcella's which is a low-lit yet lively Italian restaurant. It was definitely some of the best Italian food I've had. 

Kyle generously got us started with some phenomenal appetizers. First up was the Arancini which was fried risotto and mozzarella, then the Parma Prosciutto Bruschetta, and topped off with Fried Calamari perfectly tangled with thin zucchini crisps, lemon and roasted garlic aioli. 

While some were cleansing their palettes with sweet cocktails, wine, and man drinks...

...I settled into the menu cause I'm all about food like that and set out on a search for a meal hearty enough to get me through the evening. After the waitress' description of the daily chef selected risotto we had a clear winner. Breaded tilapia with the cheesiest risotto ever. 

After a successful dinner we headed back to our hotel where we had no trouble getting the party started. 
Getting together with some of my best college friends is always insta-fun. It's so easy to pick-up like nothing's changed and have the best time. 

It wouldn't have been a proper birthday without T-Swift and Ke$ha in the house...

That fluorescent lighting was just plain awful! After dj-ing our own dance party we bundled up, ready for a winter walk to our next destination. We all traipsed outside and instantly hailed a cab. You win old man Winter. 

We started at Bodega which had lots of good craft beer choices and out of this world soft pretzels with some kind of addictive, sweet butter. Life really is all about the food. I lost track of the names of places from there, but they were fun nonetheless. Near the stroke of midnight signaling her actual birthday I snatched Natalie up so I could be her first selfie of year 25.

who traditionally toasts anymore, the crucial birthday selfie toast is where it's at!

....sorry I didn't toast you with a beverage, Natalie...

With the most sincere of birthday selfie toasts I, wished my roomie a happy birthday in our final moments of the evening.

The only way to properly end a night out with your friends does not actually occur on the night of. It's totally all about the morning after brunch. And ours fueled me up just right which was what I needed to conquer my snowy drive home. 

I didn't take my camera out once we left the hotel but I assure you the night was filled with good laughs, good drinks, and the best people. I enjoyed catching up with everyone who came out! Also big thanks to Edward for giving up his memory card (I left mine at home in the computer--wahh) because, "She has a blog you know!"

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