February 10, 2014

Girl's Weekend Baby Shower

I can't believe the weekend is over once again, but boy was it a fun one! If you remember back to just after Christmas my family had a baby shower for my cousin Courtney (who is due any day now!) and  I mentioned that my cousin Morgan was also pregnant. Over the weekend my mom and I traveled to Illinois to celebrate the beautiful mama to be and baby girl!

The shower was hosted by my cousin Lindsay and her friend with help from my aunt and other family and friends. The whole event was put together so well and the spread was gorgeous. Everything fit Morgan's taste and personality so well.

The house was decked out in classic, pink with mint green accents which are the colors of the baby's nursery. All of the girly touches in each room were adorable. My favorite part was the sweets bar with pink candies and treats.

While waiting for all of the guests to arrive everybody mingled, laughed, and talked all things baby over mimosas-- preg-osas with sparkling cider were available as well ;) Once settled in and after a welcome from our hosts we dug into the delicious brunch.

I had a little bit of everything including some quiche that was made and cooked just right by my aunt and cousin. 
While we ate, Morgan (also a teacher) and I got to talk about her hopeful plan for when baby comes. Due in March, she'll be able to take her full maternity leave through the end of the school year and have the whole summer to spend with her new little one which I think will be so nice!

After eating we all huddled around to ooh and ahh over all of the precious gifts Morgan received. Adam joined Morgan in opening all of the gifts. It was so fun to see both mom and dad's reactions to all of the tiny, girly clothing. 

From our family my mom had a custom monogram made for the baby's nursery. They're going to paint it pink and hang it above the baby's crib--how cute! One of my favorite gifts to watch Morgan open was a set of handmade outfits complete with tutus for baby's first holidays. They were absolutely darling!

While Morgan was opening gifts we had the option of decorating a onesie with some cute iron-ons and bows. It was such a cute idea and everyone made some seriously adorable onesies.

Lindsay did a great job planning such a gorgeous event for her sister. It was heartwarming to see so many family and friends all showing much love for Morgan, Adam, and little baby girl. Miss A is already so loved by many. 

Morgan, you are beautiful and will make such a sweet and loving mother. You and Adam have already begun to establish such a wonderful life for your baby girl and she is so lucky to have you guys as parents! I can't wait to meet her! 

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