February 18, 2014

Banana Pancakes

It's a short work week; thank you presidents! And we have a 2 hour delay from school today. 5 day work weeks are overrated anyway. I want to share my recipe for banana pancakes, but first let me tell you how this recipe came about...

Whenever I have time to start my day slowly, I absolutely love treating myself to a good breakfast. I value sleep more than anything during the week so weekday breakfasts usually equate to grabbing a piece of fruit--sometimes granola and a yogurt cup if I'm lucky. In true day off fashion, I set my mind to gradually rolling out of bed for the day and whipping up a batch of pancakes.

I opened the fridge--NO milk! 

Determined not to have my breakfast plans foiled I set to the internet. I wasn't thrilled with my milk less options so I took the base ingredients of any basic pancake recipe and made up my own. I'm not very good at that you see, but these turned out SO good! Even my brother who hates when you change up a perfectly fine, full fat recipe enjoyed them.

I personally think there is nothing wrong with milk in pancakes, I just happened to not have any on hand. This would be a great pancake recipe for someone lactose intolerant. I also love that I didn't use any oil and they were still fantastic. 

Without milk and oil these pancakes weren't too thin and still had some fluff to their size. The banana with the cinnamon and nutmeg flavor was so, so good. Given my record with successfully doctored recipes, I was a bit surprised myself that they turned out exceptionally well! 

The bites of maple coated pancake mixed with the blackberries were like a refreshing fruit explosion. I only wish I had more! 

Whip these up the next free morning you have and you can be sure to expect clean plates and happy diners. I told you they were good!

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