February 15, 2014

A Day Full of Love

Valentine's Day was certainly a day full of love around here! My day started with excited grins and giggly, "happy valentine's day!" hugs from my first graders. Our room was set up with little bits of love all around us.

Our favorite parts of the day included our conversation hearts math center, decorating gift bags for receiving cards, and of course our party where the littles exchanged cards and candy and noshed on a hearty snack of brownie pops and pretzels. Sweet and salty is where it's at!

I made my own valentine's for the kids and attached them to red and pink rock candy sticks. 

We also brainstormed what love is and made a class book. Each student finished the sentence, Love is... and their writing was so adorable and heartwarming! One of my favorites was, "Love is caring about other people."

After school I was greeted with more snow, ugh! Spirits were quickly brightened when I arrived home however and found the most beautiful vase of roses had been delivered to my house from a certain special guy. 

My dad also came home and gave me a box of chocolates from our favorite local chocolate shop, Esther Price. He realized they were sugar free and immediately left and took them back to exchange them. You gotta have the real stuff on Valentine's day! What a dad! ;)

Corey and I had a low key evening of pizza and a movie (which he fell asleep during--for once it wasn't me!) A night in is about all us teachers can muster on Friday nights. Feeling loved and spreading the love, my Valentine's day turned out to be pretty great.

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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