January 13, 2014

Project 52--1 Photo A Week

Hey everyone! I'm over here making New Year's resolutions come to life. I'll tell ya--I'm on a roll!

If you remember one of my goals this year was to practice using my camera more by posting one photo a week. In case you haven't noticed I've added a tab at the top of the blog and I'll post my photos each week there.

If you feel like taking a look, check back every week for a new photo! I'll most likely post them on Sundays. Weeks 1 and 2 are up already. The photos very loosely fall under the broad category of "life"...so basically the pictures will be a variety of whatever I'm feeling :)

I can't wait for the weather to warm-up to take more colorful outdoor pictures. I found these beauties at the market over the weekend. The milk bottles are from the dollar section at Target!

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