December 6, 2013

Snow Day!

Last night I drifted off to sleep with dreams of waking to a world frosted in sparkling white and hopes that it would bring me a morning of snuggling into my blankets a bit longer. After waking and quickly checking my news app, dreams became reality--NO SCHOOL! 
I find a snow day to be loads more exciting as a teacher than it ever was as a student. A freebie day to catch up on rest and not have to worry about work is my kind of day.  
Franklin agrees. Here's my version of the best way to spend your snow day. 

First put on a big pot of hot chocolate. 

I made mine using the frugal girls' recipe as a reference. Bring 1 cup of water, a ½ cup of cocoa powder (I prefer dark as it gives it a richer chocolate taste), and ½ cup of sugar to a boil on the stove. After it begins to bubble, pour it into a crock-pot and add 5 cups of milk. Leave it on high for 2 hours. 
Now to make it a snow day special add a shot of this whipped goodness... it with real whipped cream, a few twists of Trader Joe's Sugar, Chocolate, and Coffee Bean grinder and a smattering of chocolate sprinkles.
Heavenly, warm, and chocolatey goodness. Perfect for a snow day! 

After your hot chocolate is prepared you need to set the mood so as to cozily enjoy it. I recommend lighting your best candles.

Next jump into your comfiest pajamas. If you have a furball grab him too. They definitely make for cozy companions.

To fully enjoy a cozy snow day pop in your favorite movie. Make it a holiday one or better yet the ultimate double feature. 

Finally snuggle down into your fluffiest of pillows...
...and relax. Mmmm, enjoy!


  1. Love this Amanda! Except it will be a bit difficult to enjoy it to the fullest here in Georgia due to lack of snow:-( but totally awesome post. I look forward to reading them.

  2. This recipe looks delicious! While we dont have snow/ice right now, I'll have to make it when that weather comes our way!

    1. You won't be disappointed--it'll warm you right up! :)

  3. What a perfect way to spend a day in! With school over for me , I definitely need to have one of these days. The hot chocolate looks perfect - just what I like!

  4. Amanda @ A Latte LearnDecember 15, 2013 at 11:05 AM

    It will be the perfect treat! :)



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