December 2, 2013

A Celebration

Maybe the quarter-life crisis comes later in the year, but so far 2 days of 25 have been wonderful!

I felt so loved by everyone from the wonderful birthday messages, gifts, and quality time spent together yesterday. After an easy morning, I took my weekly trip to Target with my mom--an obvious must. My wallet a little lighter, we headed out to Dublin Pub where my parents treated Corey and I to dinner to celebrate!

I've only been to DP one other time with my mom and we fell in love with the well prepared, classic Irish fare. I was dying to try something new because the whole menu sounds amazing. For starters we had fried pickles, onion straws, and chicken strips.

While good intentions to branch out were had, my mind had other plans as I could not stop thinking about the mouth-watering sandwich I'd had once before. The Ruck. Dublin Pub's #1 sandwich. 

Tender beef brisket cooked in their own Guinness BBQ sauce with sauteed onions and cheddar cheese all stacked high on a toasted pretzel roll. I'll tell ya, I'm a sucker for anything on a pretzel roll. 
There's no picking this sandwich up with your hands. It was all fork and knife, baby! The sweet, juicy BBQ was good but the show stoppers were the thick cheesy wedges on the side. As described on the menu, Dayton's best fries, are smothered in white wine sauce, bacon and cheese all melted to perfection.

Dad had a seafood platter, Corey-grilled salmon with potatoes, and mom a hearty winter beef stew.
Stuffed to the brim we opted out of dessert, but being the birthday girl and all I was given an Macintosh something or other shot which I'm assuming included their regional famous Irish Whiskey. I didn't ask the details but I could've easily put down a few of those--so good!
Dismissed by authentic live Irish pub music, I rolled myself up and out--but not without a quick pic of the people I love most. 

Thank you for such a wonderful birthday! 25 is going to be one to remember--I can feel it! :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed your Birthday....the more of them you have, the faster they come. Continue to enjoy them!

  2. Look and sound like you had a blast for certain and yes that made even more special, celebrating with the ones you love. Thanks for sharing. Love you guys.



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