November 25, 2013

Ohio State Buckeye Game

Sometimes a little spout of laziness can take you places--though I wouldn't expect to be taken very often.

Saturday morning I was lazily laying in bed and browsing Facebook by refreshing my newsfeed every couple of seconds, thinking "Come on people--somebody do something exciting!"  Finally--new stories. I clicked the new stories tab and something exciting did happen. A friend of mine from HS had a status proclaiming, "Two tickets to the Buckeye game! Who wants them?" 

Keeping in mind that my buckeye, football loving boyfriend would probably get rid of me if I didn't at least try to get the tickets, I commented, "How much?" Awe--Dangnabit. 2nd person to comment. After a few more people commented, she replies--"Free, I won them!" Obviously free is a great deal so long story short--I "waited in line" while she made sure the first responder didn't want the tickets and then it happened...laziness made my day!

After that laziness was no more. I jumped up and hurriedly showered and bundled, drove to Corey's house, and we hopped in the car for the hour and a half drive. As we pulled up to Ohio State's campus and survived minimal aimless driving while looking for parking, it started to snow! Great. Sitting outside in freezing temps--good thing we bundled!

The snow subsided at the beginning of the game, but poor Mother Nature simply couldn't make up her mind. We endured a spot of sunshine, wind, snow flurries, mad windy snow, and then as the evening wore on the already freezing temps dropped.

True buckeye fans weren't going to let a little snow interrupt their game day and the stadium was still a full house with everyone dressed in their best scarlet and grey. 

Too afraid to move for fear of heat escaping and seats being taken, we burrowed down into our blanket and enjoyed the game. 

The band did a show titled, "A New Birth of Freedom" which paid tribute to Lincoln and those in the civil war--celebrating 150 years after Gettysburg. 

It was of course awesome and very entertaining! From marching soldiers to cannon fire, the animation created by the band members was phenomenal. 

They were even joined on the field by the Glee Club--swoon!

By the end of the third quarter the wind and snow had really picked up. The temperature drop wasn't helping either.

We toughed it out as long as we could stand it. A Tim Horton's coffee extended my stay through the end of the third quarter and after that we called it quits.

Ohio Stadium has such a fun game day atmosphere. I can't wait to go back and hopefully with a little more sunshine next time! 

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