November 27, 2013

Leisurely Lunch

Moments of teacher time at school are precious--getting to chat with friends during that leisurely 20 minute lunch or in passing during special subjects drop off. Precious. 

Time spent with teachers outside of school is priceless. Today I got to do just that and spend a cozy afternoon hanging with Courtney at 2nd Street Market. 

We met for lunch and both had our sights set on some hearty, comforting sandwiches. Courtney went for a rueben with a side of the creamiest potato salad from Anne's.

And I had the Tuscan Panini from Chef's Case. The Italian meat and savory pesto was lip smackingly good. The crunch from the hot and fresh panini pressed bread is the reason I could never give up carbs.

After our meal, we browsed and chatted. The company was nice and relaxing--such a change from our typical school day interaction.

Courtney was on the look out for some fresh flowers suitable for the Thanksgiving table. They were too pretty to pass up so I bought some for my mom as well. 

The best part of browsing is the samples! Delicious bakery breads, pure maple syrup, olive oils, 
balsamic vinegars--oh my!

The rest of my well spent dollars went to a giant loaf of crusty, Tuscan bread and a bottle of fig balsamic vinaigrette.

We couldn't help but notice some of the heftier veggies. "Big ones, small ones, yams as big as your head!"

And I'm still obsessed with this handmade leather jewelry. So unique and pretty. 

We'll have to do this again soon, soooo...Winter Break, right?

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